If we plan any activities using selected resources from the Web (texts videos, etc.) we need to link those resources somehow.
Selecting and tagging the resources is a previous activity, so that the content is appropriate for our teaching aims and the level and need of the pupils.

The best way to do it is to create a list of BOOKMARKS so that the pupils can have access easily. These are special applications to save, tag and share the resource links online, and teachers and pupils will have access to them from anywhere. Some examples:
One for some of my pupils external image dotred.gif
Delicious of a French teacher
CLIL_TIC delicious
Bilingual Class delicious

external image delicious.jpg

This appplication can also be used by the pupils when they collect links to carry out a project. Example http://www.delicious.com/moraleda3
How to create a list of Bookmarks

Option 1 Till very recently "Delicious" was the best option.
Go to the "Delicious" site and follow the steps there.

Option 2 and perhaps another good one at the moment is "Diigo" http://www.diigo.com/ to create an account just click on "get started" and complete the fields. Have a look at this example in Diigo.

external image diigo.png