Welcome to this Workshop about how to use Information Technologies in the English classroom

The following examples will give you an idea of what we will see in this session

  • 3. a Web tool where you can create a simple page with text and links to present an activity:

example 1: http://poster.4teachers.org/worksheet/view.php?id=154609&page=1
example 2: http://poster.4teachers.org/worksheet/view.php?id=146757&page=1
example 3: http://poster.4teachers.org/worksheet/view.php?id=146149

  • 4. A Wiki that can be use for several purposes, but mainly to carry out collaborative activities with the pupils.

example 1http://mariana-2idioma.wikispaces.com/
example 2http://moraleda1bil09.wikispaces.com/
  • 5. Podcasts especially "how to produce" them in the classroom

  • 7. Webquests and Webtasks

example 1http://www.freewebs.com/londonvisit/
example 2http://irvingroute.wikispaces.com/
example 3http://poster.4teachers.org/worksheet/view.php?id=57282
example 4http://www.isabelperez.com/wizard/harrods.htm?ID=75112


Take it easy! you don't have to learn or even be interested in all these, just go for what you think you can use in your daily practice and the rest is just for you to have a general knowledge.