Online Quizzes can be a good option to reinforce vocabulary and other aspects. Following I have selected some sites available for free.

  1. First, to create Treasure hunts and even Webtasks you could use Read more about how to use this templates here.
  2. Wordsmyth also requires registration. Once you create a quiz you can choose between a) downloading it and putting it on your wiki or site or b) leave it on the wordsmyth server where the pupils could access the quiz with a URL that you get.
  3., here you can also generates a URL to link the activity from your delicious, wiki, etc.
  4. To create surveys you can use
  5. Propofs also allows to leave the quiz on their server and gives you a URL.
  6. Also at the 4 teachers server Quizstar . Please, read some pieces of advice here
  7. To prepare and host Flascards
  8. Finally, you can also use other sites that do not allow hosting. In that case you have to save the quiz and upload it to a web site of your own, a platform (e.g. moodle) or to a wiki.